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My name is Amanda and for me home was Normandy, France in the year 849. She is a poor and uneducated thief during the plague era in Europe. I have no clothes save the brown clothes on my back. I have not yet met Rebecca nor do I have any idea that I could be an immortal still I am a survivor who would bite your hand off if it meant saving my life. I never know where my next meal is coming from and with my stomach aching I would venture into a plague ridden house to find a peice of bread, which isn't to say I'm not without my prode.


850 AD St. Anne Abby (Amanda died for the first time)

853 AD St. Anne Abby (Rebecca's home)

1182 AD Hastings, England
1183 AD South England

1554 AD England, impersonating a monk to steal Queen Mary's treasure

1565 AD Bourgogn, France

1610 AD The Netherlands (Paton)

1635 AD Verona, Italy (Met Duncan)
1643 AD Black Forest (Witch)

1720 AD THe Bahamas

1753 AD Sultans Palace

1776 AD New York (Liam)

1792 AD French Countryside (French Revolution)

1804 AD Bavana

1867 AD Manchester, England

1888 AD San Fransisco (Queen of Spades)

1897 AD New York (Gangs)

1907 AD China (Korda)

1908 AD London (Jade)

1917 AD Western Front, France

1926 AD Missouri, USA

1936 AD Berlin, Germany (Plates)

1950 AD London, England

1952 AD Warsaw

1963 AD Theater District

1968 AD Prague
... Next date known is her appearence in the Series

Amanda is from "Highlander", and is the property of Anchor Bay Entertain. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in ;[info]milliways_bar and ten_fwd from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Milliways Canon Added (1315/1316 - In Russia/Azerbaijan area. Fell into tar puts)

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