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This is Amanda is from a timeline where Duncan McCloud wasn't born. And because he wasn't born she was one day forced to kill an innocent. Crossing this line changed her. She became progressively less caring and these days.

At this point in her life, she has opted to become a black widow. Marrying rich men and then killing them. She will use whatever means necessary to survive or get what she wants. Because everyone and everything dies so who cares if they die by her hand.

And of course, Honesty is almost impossible for her now. Also, of note, this Amanda is from 2003, Paris.

When back to normal Amanda will be remember her time here. she'll know whoever regular!Amanda knows as well.
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Standing tall before the 6 foot tall currently blond immortal is the century building in Los Angeles. This building houses Amanda's publisher. Walking in like she owns the place she goes to the security desk. They call up to the publisher who sends down her executive assistant. Once through security, the assistant, Jennifer, takes Amanda to the 11th floor.

The two enter the publishers office, the assistant goes back to her desk.

Striding into the office Amanda sets down two manuscripts and then takes a seat.

The short, grey haired woman behind the desk raises her eyebrows at Amanda who speaks first, "That one" pointing to the thick stack on the woman's right, "Is the manuscript I promised." then pointing to the one on the left, "That is a children' book that I want published this month."

The grey haired woman, "Amanda, I can't just publish a children's book, especially authored by you. It would be a marketing nightmare."

Shrugging, "The use another pseudonym. But I need it published this month."

The grey haired woman picks up the book and starts thumbing through it. After a couple of minutes Amanda interrupts, "Gail, I haven't steered you wrong yet, and I got you my new manuscript early."

Gail considers Amanda's words and adds, "Write a sequel to the Itlay novel before Christmas and we have a deal."

A bright gleam in her eye's as she grins, "Deal."
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Let's do this thing. Feel free to DM or leave a message here if you're looking for some shenanigans.
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Your name or online alias: Gwynn Bochanan
Your email:
Another preferred means of contact: The contact post
Character's Full Name: Amanda
Character's Canon: "Highlander"
Character's Journal Name: immortalthief
What would you like your character's tag to be? Amanda

In 300-500 words total, tell us your...
Character's background (their past and present): In 850 AD Amanda was stoned when she was caught stealing a piece of bread from a plagued house. The stone killed her, but she didn't stay dead. When she woke she found herself in the home of Rebecca Thorne. Rebecca taught her the way of the immortal game. Over the years Amanda gained many skills, reading, writing, acting, tight rope walking, riding horses, singing, and more. No other skill has she honed more than that of being a thief. Having spent the better part of her almost 1200 years as a thief she is the best. Never using guns because only ameturs get caught. In the late 20th century her off and on lover, Duncan MacCloud and then new friend Nick Wolfe both had a huge influence on her. At that point Amanda went straight, mostly. First she tried a string of opportunities such as agent and eventually bar owner in Paris. After an encounter with another immortal she was unable to return to the bar and she set off looking for a new direction, at which point she found Milliways, or more to the point Milliways found her. Now per Milliways canon, she is a romance novelist in Los Angeles, CA in the year 2014.

Character's personality: Vibrant, social, always looking for an adventure. If given a choice she would run from a fight. However if cornered or if a friend is in danger she will step up, especially if it isn't facing another immortal (from her universe).

Character's skills/abilities/powers: After almost 1200 years she has a vast array of skills. Most importantly is the fact that she is an immortal. If killed she dies and then comes back after an unspecified amount of time. If injured she heals very fast and is immune to disease. The Game requires her to face other immortals in combat, when they lose their heads they lose their lives and the victor takes everything that they are. Also, Amanda has been a thief for almost her entire life so has all of the skills that come with that.

Any special equipment your character is bringing along? This includes weapons, magic items, etc.: She is bringing a gym bag with her lightsaber and sword.

Are you bringing your character to [community profile] ten_fwd from another game? If you are, which game?: Yes, Amanda is coming in from Milliways.

If you answered yes above, briefly summarize how they were changed by and what challenges they faced in the climate of their previous game(s): Amanda has become an honest woman, now working as a novelist instead of a thief. Also she has become more compassionate, and has an even more open mind.

Why do you want to play this character in Ten Forward, and what do you plan to do with them?
Amanda would be great in Ten Forward. She has actually met Kirk and a handful of other star trek universe characters so it would be great! My plan with Amanda is to have her exist in both Milliway's and Ten Forward for the rest of the year and then she will stay in Ten Forward only. This would work perfectly in her canon as in the final Highlander movie Amanda was never mentioned, and never made an appearance. I would love to make it so that the reason for this is she left the game when she came to the Enterprise and stayed there. Amanda will go on as many away missions as her mun is able to attend.

Writing Sample:
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After the Queen of Spade burned and McLeod left for Alaska there wan't much left to do Amanda decided to start ride her horse letting her mind wander, as it wandered she began remembering Milliways, it has been so long since she had been there thinking back she realizes that it has been over two and a half centuries since a door has opened.

After almost a week of wandering Amanda passes by a sign

"Welcome to Galveston"

A small quirk of a smile creased her lips as she thought of her friend blonde friend. The horse stopped in front of the tavern, wrapping the reins around a post she enters the bar and takes a seat. When the barkeep asked for her order she says, "Ale." rethinking that, "No, make that a Bourbon."
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It's been a few years since the plague that has recently ravaged the country and the market is bustling. Her friend and mentor Rebecca is waiting for her by the hotel. With a smile Amanda approaches Rebecca and the two exchange hugs and kind words in Italian before joining the crowds in the market place. It isn't long before that sensation hits, another immortal is near. Looking around they find him, easy to do since he too was looking for source of that head splitting feeling.


A few weeks later Rebecca has returned to her home in France and Duncan has gone about his business and Amanda is left alone. Returning her key to the hotel patron Amanda walks through the front door only to now find herself in the Bar at the end of the universe. With a big grin she makes her way to the bar where an electric blue smoothie appears. "Thank you my lady."
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Amanda leads Marlowe to room 850. The room is simple but elegant. There is a bed in the center of the room where she sits Phillip down. To the right of the bed in the corner is there is an area that looks like it belongs to someone else, it doesn't seem to match the rest of the room though it doesn't look big enough for a roommate more like a pet though there is no animal hair or other indication of an animal. Further to the right is the bathroom whose door is currently shut. To the left is a mirrored closet with one door open revealing a long rack of clothes from various time periods including her own. There is a silver box up above the clothes that seems to be covered in dust. But Amanda doesn't seem to notice the box or much else as she moves to the closet and pulls out a dress and sets it on the bed next to Phillip. Then she starts to take off her blouse to change.
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Amanda opens the door to her world and enter into an empty home. Behind her Tanya is following behind. Once the two have arrived the door vanishes and a wall takes it's place. The front door is on the otherside of the room. It's a humble dwelling built with mud and wood. Some moldy bread rests on the table and Amanda glances at it recalling that at one time that had been her goal. When she notices figures passing by she squats down and motions for Tanya to do the same.

Her instincts kicking in and her head starts to dart around worried. A rat runs by and Amanda nearly jumps given what she has recently learned.
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Across the table from her sits a short man who is absolutely red in the face. Amanda sits crosslegged in her seat, "Really I don't know what you think  I've done." 

The man turns and yells at the uniformed woman who leaves the room for a few moments and then returns with a screen and a video tape which he plays for Amanda who starts laughing. The  man looks even more irritated, "You think this is funny?"

"Yes." she retorts, "I would never be caught dead wearing something so tacky."

"This is clearly you." he points to her on the screen.

"I am pretty sure I would remember something like that." though she does think it looks like fun. He yells and the uniformed woman who had been adverting her eyes from the scene on the video comes forward and binds Amanda's hand. Taking her elbow she has Amanda stand and escorts her to a holding cell. The man takes a few deep breaths calming himself. "We shall see if you are still amused after sitting in your new home." And off he and the woman go.

Amanda looks around, "Hmm interesting."
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Amanda walks into the and moves to the closet. She takes out the kimono she made, "What do you think?"

There are a couple of chairs, one by the vanity mirror, and of course there is the bed. 

She has to keep herself from bouncing she is so proud of herself, "I was going to make it a suprise for the next time we go to your world, but I just couldn't wait."

Room 850

Sep. 28th, 2007 01:58 pm
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Amanda has been learning about many different things that she would like to learn. She doesn't have much time to learn them as she is getting old and she has no way of knowing how soon she may die, particularly with all the strange things in this place. So she is sitting on her bed with a pad of paper and a pen writing a list. It is slow going as she isn't very good at writing but that is part of the point.

Making soap
learning Tai Chi
Find Snowball

She sits biting the end of the pen thinking of anything else. 
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Amanda is on her way up from the main bar and decides to stop off at Ryu's room and let him know about her conversation with Jericho, after all she doesn't want to cause any trouble.

Knock, Knock.

She raps on his door, clad in her jeans and t-Shirt. 
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